Tommy Teaches Me The Tennensee Two Step

art-of-selfI guess looking back, once again I got off far easier than I ever gave. The saying “The liar can never hear the truth” is apropos in this situation. I truly hope this isn’t a sign of my future, as if I’m to get everything I have coming I doubt I’ll make it much longer in my present health…yet, does it really matter in the grand scheme of Karma? HEH

In some of my earlier stories of being found, or the blast from my past…well, as it turns out are not entirely true…well, the words are true, one of the players it seems was not the woman I believed her to be. I suppose I should relate the pertinent parts of the backstory, or as much of it as I can disclose without breaking Tommy, Ann’s, or Joan’s true identity…After all, this isn’t about her, or them, as the case may be, but rather, my behavior which began this deceitful game I now find myself bitterly enmeshed in.

As a 55-year-old ne’er do well with the worst possible history with dating and women in general, I was ecstatic when Ann replied to my email apologizing to her for shunning her and she seemed so warm and understanding…well I guess desperation is the best tool in any game of this sort, so in retrospect, I did all of the heavy lifting for Ann & then Tommy!

Although I feel so once again small, I am glad this was as short lived as it turned out because even though I deserved every bit of this charade, it now weighs even heavier than I believe my health could have taken. Sadly, because of my poor health and bitter self-knowledge of my lack of mortality did I seek to reach out and correct some of the horrible things I’ve done in an effort of lessening my final burden, only to have made them worse!

The only thing that weighs even heavier than sad knowledge, is I was foolish enough to believe that a man of my lowly sort could ever attract such a beautiful woman…Joan, Ann, or whatever her name is…

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