About this site

when-a-man-comes-to-die-no-matter-what-his-talents-and-influences-and-genius-if-he-dies-john-steinbeck copyI don’t know what’s more dangerious in a mans life, the idea that God the great provider will bring him what he needs in this world, or that only through fighting can a man obtain all that he needs in this world… Both cause someone else pain or the loss of what they need!

I used to believe I had some conviction, ideals, and reasons to go forth in this world, however, as I grow older I’ve discovered that I’m either becoming a wiser man, or slowly succumbing to the realization that I know absolutely nothing of this world, how it operates and how to conduct myself among its inhabitants.

I’ve stopped using my belief system. I let each event in my life dictate its truth, meaning and how it pertains to my further existence.

The words in this site are how I perceived the world at the time I wrote them. The names of people other than myself have been changed to keep these words about my perceptions.